In 2018 BrightLine Marketing will interview 25,000 recent tire buyers in the top 50 U.S. markets.  Interviews are conducted online within six months of new tire purchase.  This survey has run continuously since 2009 and currently includes more than 100,000 tire buyer interviews.  This very large database allows for detailed analysis by market and by very specific demographic and vehicle-based segments.  In addition, it allows for side-by-side comparison of each of the top 50 markets on all key measures.

The BrightLine Tire Survey includes both tire brand and tire retailer measures including:

  • Awareness

  • Share

  • Shopping behavior

  • Reasons for selection

  • Media use

  • Satisfaction

  • Loyalty

  • Pricing

  • Distribution

The BrightLine Tire Survey program includes a total of 52 reports each year.

  • One first-half Top 50 Market Summary Report available in August

  • One second-half Top 50 Market Summary Report available in February

  • Fifty individual market reports available in March

For more information concerning the BrightLine Tire Survey please conact us directly via our contact page.